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Learn How To Be A Barista With Eben Mission

We recognise the importance of all persons who wish to work being able to find meaningful and rewarding jobs. Our Disability Job Training and Employment Program helps overcome barriers in employment for people with disabilities. Today, we’re going to explore our Barista Coffee Training course supported by Normcore Coffee and how this course has helped Julia to develop her barista skills.

About Our NDIS Disability Job Training in Rhodes

Ebenezer Mission provides a variety of employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities. Our goal is to improve our participants’ job prospects and opportunities.

At our NDIS Disability Job Training in Rhodes, we can help you achieve your career and life goals by teaching you new skills or brushing up on old ones. Our program also contains a retail location and a coffee cart where you can browse our products while sipping a cup of coffee our talented participants prepare.

During your barista training, we’ll show you how to make the best cup of coffee and use a coffee machine like an expert. This course will teach you how to froth milk, brew anything from an espresso to a double macchiato with a splash of milk, and properly clean and maintain a coffee machine.

Meet John

John is a coffee lover who lives in Sydney. John, who has mild autism, has taken a step closer to realising his dream of becoming an expert barista with the help of Eben Mission. When John’s Care Coordinator and Support Worker first met with him, they did what we usually do at Eben Mission: they listened and learned about John’s interests so they could best support him in living the life he wanted.

John began to build his barista skills with the help of Eben Mission and Normcore Coffee and then underwent some local training.

“I enjoy the space and freedom to explore and better understand how to make excellent coffee”

John is now doing what he loves every Wednesday and Thursday as a part-time barista employed by Ebenezer Mission.

Meet Izzy

Isabelle is a coffee lover who lives in Merrylands. Isabelle, who has mild autism, OCD, depression and social anxiety, has taken a step closer to realising her dream of becoming a well-skilled latte artist with the help of Eben Mission. Isabelle heard about the barista program through her friends and wanted to check it out.

Isabelle who had previously achieved her statement of attainment in hospitality wanted to further build her barista skills with the help of Eben Mission and Normcore Coffee.

“I enjoy the chill and loving environment that Ebenezer mission creates… as well as the free drinks”

Isabelle is now doing what she loves every Wednesday and Thursday honing her skills in latte art.

Why Participate in Eben's Job Training and Employment Program?

  • Assist young adults with intellectual disabilities in finding work or pursuing a career.
  • On-the-job experience and instruction on learning to be a Barista.
  • Increased self-esteem, confidence, and independence.
  • Provides our participants with the opportunity to learn about money management.
  • Possibility of achieving fulfillment and career satisfaction.
  • Participation in the community and contribution to it.
  • Provides our participants with the opportunity to meet new people, develop social skills, create connections, and earn money.

Our NDIS job training in Rhodes program, tools, and activities aims to help Eben Mission members become more motivated and independent, gain life skills, and contribute in meaningful ways to their communities.

Note: Funding for our Barista Training course can be used from participants’ Core Support or Assistance with Social and Community Participation budgets, as well as “Finding and Keeping” under the Capacity Building Supports budget.

Feel Confident in the Workplace!

Did you know in addition to NDIS disability job training in Rhodes, we also provide a variety of job opportunities, and you can work with us as an employee? We regularly hire individuals that go through our job training program.

Some jobs that have been offered in the past include: pottery and candle making at our Ryde Centre, selling at our Burwood Art Centre & the market stalls, and making coffee in our Burwood Centre. At Ebenezer Mission, we are here to support you every step of the way. 

Contact us today via phone, website, or email!

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