How Does The NDIS Help With Daily Assistance?


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides its participants with assistance in their routine personal tasks in daily living. It enables them to live as independently as possible, this support is individualized, and the participants are able to choose the place they want to get facilitated at. They can get assistance in their own home or a shared accommodation provided by NDIS. NDIS aims to help the participants lead an independent life, and daily assistance brings them a step closer to that.

If you are not sure about getting daily assistance in your NDIS or have questions regarding NDIS daily support in Burwoodcontact us now, and our team of professional service providers will guide you about the right support. 

How Does Daily Assistance Help In Independent Living?

Assistance with daily living can help you build an independent life for yourself, and it is not only beneficial for you, but it can also give time and space to your loved ones. Every week a service provider from Ebenezer Mission will visit you for several hours, and you can get help in your routine tasks. Daily assistance helps you in the following functions:

  1. It promotes independent living but provides you support with everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, eating, etc., you can have the service provider supervise you, or you can also have them do the jobs on your behalf until you are able to perform them independently.
  2. It helps you to make new friends and socialise.
  3. It provides assistance for your personal tasks like maintaining hygiene and medication. Our service provider makes sure that you are in good health.
  4. It teaches you how to stay at home and be able to function with very little support from others.
  5. Our friendly workers also provide travel training services to teach you how to travel independently.
  6. It provides physical as well as emotional support to the participants.
  7. It makes routine activities more convenient.

Eligibility For Daily Assistance

You are eligible for this support if your assistance with daily living is added to your NDIS plan. You can request for this service in your plan meeting, and it can be added to your plan if NDIS finds your request reasonable and necessary. Once you have daily assistance in your budget, you can ask your support coordinator at Ebenezer Mission to connect you with a service provider to access the support.

Budget For Daily Assistance

Assistance with daily living falls under the category of Core Support. This budget provides funds for the daily activities (in-home or community). You can use this budget to pay for the support you are getting from our service provider, and it also covers the cost of your transport if you are unable to use public transport without any difficulty.

This budget is set differently for each participant. The amount of funds provided in this budget depends on the individual participant’s needs. If a participant has a higher need for support, he might need additional support in his plan; the amount of time and days of service also depends on the participant’s needs. Hence, this support is personalised for each participant to fit their needs. 

Another category of living support comes under Capacity Building Support, i-e. Improved living skills. This support is provided to improve the skill set of the participants; they can learn skills that will help them in becoming more independent and lessen the need for support for them. This support includes therapy and training.

Why Choose Ebenezer Mission?

We provide NDIS daily support in Burwood and other services related to NDIS; our dedicated team of healthcare professionals provides participants with compassionate care to help them lead an independent life. If you have queries regarding NDIS and if you want to become a part of our family, call our team at 0478 831 73

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