Housing Options Under The NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a program organised by the Australian Government that helps people with significant or permanent mental, physical or behavioural disabilities to improve their lives. This program manages funds for them so they can achieve their goals and overcome the challenges posed by their disability. This scheme was legislated in 2013 but started operating in 2020.

The NDIS Housing Scheme

The NDIS provides short-term to medium-term accommodation for participants, for up to 90 days and allows them to decide where they want to live and with whom. Housing can affect the participant’s health in many ways, so it is necessary to choose wisely and consider how close you want to live to your family, accessibility to public places, and what kind of community you want to live in.

All these factors can affect the participants’ health and the NDIS encourages you to make your decision with these in mind. Your living condition can decide what kind of connections you will make and what living arrangement will assist you best. Participants with living conditions unfit for their disability, participants who need extra care and support for their disability, or people unable to perform their daily tasks are eligible for housing funding. The NDIS also accommodates participants who are living in temporary or unsafe places, and people whose condition can improve with a better living arrangement.

Participants can discuss everything related to their disability with their provider and come up with a place that will help them reach their goals. The NDIS housing scheme is intended for you to find the best possible living arrangement, to do this looking at a range of options with your provider will be helpful.

However, the NDIS doesn’t provide accommodation to all its participants. Only a small percentage of people have eligibility for NDIS housing while others have to independently manage their living expenses, including telephone and internet bills. The NDIS aims to make independent living achievable for its participants so they can utilise their skill sets and build comfortable lives for themselves. Many people with disabilities realise their dreams quite late in life, the NDIS helps them achieve those goals and lead fulfilling lives.

Supports Funded by NDIS Short Term Accommodation

  1. It allows the participants to live a more independent life with more freedom within the community, which improves their living skills and household management.
  2. Provides them with help with their daily tasks like showering, cleaning, and dressing.
  3. It allows them to interact with the community and expand their social circle.
  4. It eliminates the participant’s barriers from daily living and improves their quality of life.

Benefits of NDIS Short Term Accommodation

  1. It reduces homelessness and avoids medical emergencies.
  2. The government provides affordable housing to disabled people, which takes away some of their challenges in life.
  3. Provides specialised housing arrangements according to the needs of the participant.


The NDIS serves participants in many ways, providing them with short-term accommodation is one of them.

If you have any queries regarding your NDIS Plan, we have a team of experienced professionals at Ebenezer Mission who can assist you. You can reach out to us via email at info@ebenmission.org.au, phone at 0478 831 731, or live chat on our website.

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