Eben News

Eben News

At Ebenezer, we often hold a lot of events. From volunteering at an aged care centre, to performing in concerts. 

As we apply the Bible’s teachings which is to serve and empower children, youth and people with disability by loving out neighbours as ourselves, we hope to make meaningful contributions towards our community.

Focusing on the wellbeing of our community, through videos and news, we hope to show how trustworthy and reliable Ebenezer is.

Through exploring this page, you will be able to see who we are as an organisation and why we are the best choice for you.

Our Latest Updates

Music Festival May 2021

In May 2021, we are so delighted that we could organise a music festival at the Rhodes Connection Foreshore Amphitheatre. Lots of wonderful performances from

Eben Candles Available at Kmall09!

Very exciting news to all those who would like to buy our Eben candles! Due to the positive reviews and high demand, we have brought

Eben Care Day Programs

At Eben, we also provide disability programs that can help build confidence and help people with disabilities to be more independent. There are few programs

We Provide Disability Employment!

At Ebenezer, we care about the young people with disability who would like to get a job. We provide employment opportunities by offering individualised supports

Eben Barista

Noah’s first time making his hot chocolate using the coffee machine. From heating up the milk to adding the chocolate powder. Noah is surely great