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Disability Job Training and Employment - Coffee Making

Our disability employment services helps you receive quality training and gain a variety of employable skills.

Feel confident in the workforce

Ebenezer Mission’s disability employment services focuses on developing important work skills that can help you become more employable and enter the workforce. We equip you with the confidence and skills to overcome barriers that can prevent you to achieve your employment goals.

Welcome to Ebenezer Mission Coffee House!

Come support our employees at Ebenezer Mission Coffee house. At Ebenezer we provide employment opportunities to people with disability. So, come visit our trained baristas who are eager to show off their skills! 

We are located at Shop 1,3 Elizabeth St, Burwood NSW 2134

Job skill training offered at Ebenezer Mission

Candle Making

Candle-making is an amazing way to both enjoy yourself and relax.

Barista Training

Learning how to craft the perfect cup of coffee.


Express yourself through being the model or being the Photographer!

Pottery Making

Selling potteries to raise funds that are reinvested back into Ebenezer.


Learning fundamentals of design and creating design for products.

Eben Neighborhood Bland

Sales on Normcore Coffee website and Eben Coffee House

Working at Ebenezer Mission

Did you know in addition to disability job training, we also provide a variety of job opportunities and you can work with us as an employee? We regularly hire individuals that go through our job training program.

Some jobs that have been offered in the past include: pottery and candle making, selling at our Burwood Art Centre & the market stalls, and making coffee in our Burwood Centre. At Ebenezer Mission, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Testimonials from the Team

I believe that coffee training has given me a lot of confidence. Recently, due to worries about the future my anxiety had gotten worse, however, the thought of being able to become a barista has given me a sense of stability and calmness. The interactive and fun learning methods have improved my mood and helped with my anger management.


Currently, my goals are to be able to take orders and make the coffee myself, I hope to learn how to use an Eftpos machine and deal with cleaning to allow me to run a café by myself! What makes me happy is that this is both a hobby and a job for me, my biggest goal is to be able to work.


 – Shin Ji-Oh



John is a coffee lover who lives in Sydney. John, who has mild autism, has taken a step closer to realising his dream of becoming an expert barista with the help of Eben Mission. When John’s Care Coordinator and Support Worker first met with him, they did what we usually do at Eben Mission: they listened and learned about John’s interests so they could best support him in living the life he wanted.


During the time that John has received training, John has been able to make eye contact when talking and interacting to others, he looks more confident and his expression has become brighter and softer. John’s goal is to further improve his communication with others so that he has the courage to lead in independent daily life an ultimately to love on his own.


 – John Kim’s Mother


Calvin has enjoyed learning new skills and has developed patience in doing so. He has also increased his social skills and ability to interact with others while dealing with customers at the Ebenezer Café. Calvin plans to use the customer service skills he has developed in his future, and currently shows a great interest in making coffee and working in the café.




 – Calvin’s Mother

Isabelle is a coffee lover who lives in Merrylands. Isabelle, who has mild autism, OCD, depression and social anxiety, has taken a step closer to realising her dream of becoming a well-skilled latte artist with the help of Eben Mission. Isabelle heard about the barista program through her friends and wanted to check it out.

Isabelle who had previously achieved her statement of attainment in hospitality wanted to further build her barista skills with the help of Eben Mission and Normcore Coffee.

“I enjoy the chill and loving environment that Ebenezer mission creates… as well as the free drinks”

Isabelle is now doing what she loves every Wednesday and Thursday honing her skills in latte art.

 – Isabelle

Gain useful skills for finding and keeping a job

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