Job Training and Employment

Job Training and Employment

Job skills and training

Our programs focus on developing important work skills that will help people with disabilities enter the workforce. This service equips our participants with the confidence and skills to overcome barriers that can prevent people with disability to achieve their employment goals.

Coffee Making

Teaching the fundamental skills needed to craft the perfect cup of coffee.

Property Management

From building shelves and fixing doors, we equip our participants with the skills needed to be able to take care of their own home.


We raise funds for people with disability to be equipped for work by selling potteries made by our participants.

Candle Making

Candle-making is an amazing way to both enjoy yourself and relax at the same time. Candles made are for sale to raise funds.


Learning fundamentals of design and creating various digital design products through this class.


Through this class, our participants are able to express themselves. Photography training is also available for our participants.


Learning on how to present products in stores, receive payments and interact with customers.

Why Choose Us?

At Ebenezer, we provide a number of job training programs and opportunities that support people with disability. We also provide hands-on education to improve their confidence and job skills.

We also strive to create an environment that encourages our participants to maintain employment within our services so that they can learn to build skills and live independently.

Meet Inho Cha

Inho has shown great improvement throughout his years at Ebenezer. His growth within the centre has allowed him to develop skills needed in the working environment. Currently, Inho is working at one of our centres and has been one of our star participants.

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