Ebenezer Mission Inc

Housing and Respite

We can provide accomodation to allow people with disability to explore new environments and make new connections with people.

Housing And Respite


At Ebenezer, our accommodation offers an opportunity for people with disability to meet new people and try new activities, and also allows parents and carers to take a break or focus on other commitments.  

Our services include assistance with daily activities, accomodation, food and other activities that help enhance life skills in a 24-hr period.

Why Choose Us?

Our services are carefully chosen and curated for the benefit and wellbeing of our participants. We lend a helping hand to evoke peace in the hearts our participants’ families. 

Ebenezer practices love and care to all our members in the community. We believe that through encouragement, our community will grow stronger and closer together.

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Join us for housing and respite

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