Ebenezer Mission Inc

Disability Services

Making meaningful contributions to the lives of those living with disability

What Eben Does Within The NDIS

We focus on loving and supporting people with disability in our community by applying a person centred approach to our supports and services.

We firmly believe in empowering and equipping people with disability to have access to a society without barriers. Providing programs that meet their needs and enable them to have equal opportunities in education, community and societal inclusion.

Assistance With Daily Life

This support will help you to work towards achieving your goals of remaining independent in your home.

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Social & Community Participation

Aims to encourage participants with disability to learn and enjoy normal everyday life activities and promote their overall wellbeing.

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Group & Centre Activities

From candle making to modelling, at Ebenezer, we provide skill development activities that can only be found at our centre.

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Housing & Respite

Supporting people with disability in low income or no income to live in a comfortable and reasonable accomodation.

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Job Training & Employment

Focus on equipping people with disability with both the confidence and skills to achieve their employment goals.

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We connect participants directly to clinicians, therapists and professionals at both of our Burwood & Rhodes centre as well as home visits.

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Why Us

As a proud NDIS provider, we strive to develop individuals’ gifts and talents without fear of false teachings and stigma. We long to listen to and emphatise with out participants’ victories, joys, difficulties and distress, and to be with them always in prayer. 

The accomplishments that our participants have shown throughout the years have shown why we are the best choice for you.

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