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Disability Housing: What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Is one of your goals to move out of the family home? Do you want to be more independent in your own home?

Supported Independent Living can assist you in reaching your goals. Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a program that gives people with disabilities a place to call home whilst also receiving services required for daily living.

What is Supported Independent Living?

Supported Independent Living is a collection of NDIS services aimed at assisting a person with a disability to live as independently as possible in a shared living situation.

SIL can encompass all of the services you need to be self-sufficient in your own home, such as personal care, assistance with daily tasks, and transportation.

Supported Independent Living covers:

  • Independence and liberty.
  • Share support with others.
  • Living independently away from family.
  • Shared expenses, such as rent and electricity.
  • Acquire new skills.


Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a program that can help you with daily tasks or perhaps do them for you. This can involve household chores like cooking or personal care activities like bathing.

The individual who is assisting you can also help you learn new skills so that you can do more things for yourself.

Decide where you want to live

The amount of SIL funding included in an NDIS Plan is determined by the level of support required to live independently in your preferred housing option.

You can get SIL funding if you live in one of the following places:

Rental property.

Your own house or a house that your family has bought for you.

Housing provided by the government or the community.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).

Accommodation managed by the provider.

SIL can be used in shared living situations with two to seven persons, with the costs split among several NDIS participants.

NDIS and Supported Independent Living

In the NDIS Core Supports budget area, Supported Independent Living is referred to as Assistance with Daily Living.

The term “stated support” refers to funds that have been set aside for a certain purpose and cannot be utilised for anything else.

The quantity of funding for your SIL arrangement is determined by several factors, including:

The number of persons living in a shared apartment.

The support is supplied at what time of day and on what day of the week.

Once you’ve been approved for a SIL package, you won’t be allowed to use any other NDIS funds to pay for SIL-covered things. As a result, it’s critical that your SIL application has all of the supports you require.

SIL funding is offered in three levels.

Lower needs: ongoing assistance for living situations that do not necessitate 24-hour care.

Standard needs: if more active, round-the-clock help is required. This includes extra task assistance and supervision, as well as overnight sleepovers with a support worker.

Higher needs: necessitate ongoing, complex active assistance. Help with frequent challenging behaviours is also included.

How to include Supported Independent Living as part of your NDIS plan.

SIL is most likely to be included in an NDIS Plan if you’ve set a goal of living independently and have been working toward it for a while.

Because SIL funding is non-flexible, it can only be used for Supported Independent Living.


Ebenezer’s Supported Independent Living 

Live independently in one of Ebenezer Mission’s accommodations, explore new environments and make new connections with people.

Live independently on your own terms. Our supported accommodation homes include:

  • Your home and your own personal space
  • An accessible and furnished home
  • Professionally trained and friendly support worker to assist you as needed 24/7
  • Personal care and support throughout the day and night
  • Learn essential living skills and how to take care of yourself
  • A wide range of fun activities including animal interaction, sports, games and more!
  • A secure, comfortable and positive environment with people you like


Join one of many others who we are currently living independently in our supported accommodation. Live on your own terms in a home with your own personal space. 

Supported independent living with us is not just an accommodation, we make it a home for you. 

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