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Community Participation Through Volunteering

With National Volunteer Week taking place May 16 to 22, today we’re looking at the positives of disability activities in Sydney, like volunteering and how you can get engaged.

Volunteering is defined as unpaid work for a charity or organisation, and is a great opportunity to make a difference while contributing to your community. It can also aid in the development of connections, the acquisition of new skills, and the establishment of a career path.

There are numerous advantages to becoming a volunteer. It is a great experience and allows you to meet new people who share your interests. It can also help you gain self-confidence, push yourself outside your comfort zone, and find new meaning in your life.

Before you volunteer, think about the following points:

Volunteering comes in a variety of forms. Before you commit to a role, ensure you have all the details so you can be confident it suits your interests and aligns with your goals. Here are some key questions to think about:

Do you have a favourite charity or cause you'd like to support?

Volunteering at an animal shelter may appeal to animal lovers. You may volunteer to sweep up a community park or beach if you wish to aid the environment.

Are there any existing abilities you’d like to hone or new ones you’d like to learn?
If you’re good with computers, you could be able to assist others in improving their computer skills. Volunteering at a community kitchen is an option for aspiring chefs.

What about volunteering appeals to you?

If you want to meet new people, look for a position that requires group work. Do you prefer to spend your time inside or outside? Is it better to be active or sit? Would you wish to move into a paid position once you’ve gained some experience?

It’s also crucial to think about logistics, like how you’ll get to and from the volunteering place and how much time you can devote to volunteering.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • What are the responsibilities?
  • If any prior experience or training is required.
  • What modes of transportation are available?
  • If the position is for a short or extended period of time.
  • How many hours do you have to devote?
  • If you’ll be alone, in a group, or a pair.
  • If the organisation can meet your requirements.

A Rewarding and Enjoyable Experience

Volunteering can be a rewarding experience, but you must do your homework, prepare ahead, and be honest about what you require to succeed as a volunteer.

You might already have an idea for a charity or cause you want to support. If that’s the case, you can contact the organisation to learn more about volunteer opportunities and explore which ones are best for you.

Volunteering and the NDIS

Under the NDIS Core Supports category, there is a budget for Assistance with Social and Community Participation. You might be able to utilise this money to help you take part in activities like volunteering. Assistance with Social, Economic, and Community Participation is the new name for the support category. You might be able to use this money to pay for a volunteer support worker to accompany you to your disability activities in Sydney.

Don't know where to begin?

Eben offers outreach and volunteer disability activities in Sydney to our orchestras and choirs, as well as individuals in the DofE Award Program and people with NDIS plans. Eben Mission can help you figure out how to incorporate volunteer activity into your NDIS plan.

Call us at 0478 831 731 or send us a message here.

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