Capacity Building, Capital and Core Support Budgets

About the NDIS

The NDIS is a scheme started by the Australian government for people who live their lives with additional disability challenges. It supports all significant and permanent disabilities, including physical, mental, and behavioural. Any impairment that acts as a disability can be funded under this scheme. NDIS provides disabled people with the support they need to achieve their goals and build their life. The aim of the scheme is to support independent living and make it possible for people with disabilities to access equal opportunities as non-disabled people.

It provides the participants with physical and financial support, and provides them with a plan based on their individual needs. Every patient has a different plan, and every 12 months, the plan is reviewed to check the progress in the participant’s quality of life and any for any required changes.

The NDIS offers some participants with short-term housing facilities to improve their living conditions but most are only provided with the help they need for daily living. The scheme provides all participants with a support budget that they can use for their disability needs. The budget does not involve their living costs like rent and utility bills. The funding provided is for managing their disability and its challenges to their living, and facilitating the achievement of goals that could not be achieved independently.

Support Budgets under the NDIS

Core Support Budget

The core support budget is to help you with your daily activities like cleaning, showering, and maintenance. It is the most flexible budget. You can use it to purchase everyday items and transport. It can be used for whatever a participant requires for day-to-day life. It also covers costs relating to engaging in community events and socialising. You can also use this budget to supplement other support budgets unless the amount is already allocated.

Capacity Building Support Budget

This budget is provided to help the participants achieve their goals and can be used only for that purpose. Unlike the core support budget, this budget cannot be used for any other funding. The categories that fall under this budget are the living situation of the participant, his relationships, job, learning skills, and social participation. It is a fixed amount set aside to help the participant prosper in life.

Capital Support Budget

The capital support budget involves providing the participant with technology and devices to improve his living condition. It provides participants with assistive technology like wheelchairs and home modifications so they can work and move freely.

In Conclusion

The NDIS provides you with financial support and providers help you manage the budgets according to your needs. While the capital support budget and capacity building support are supposed to be strictly utilised for their purposes, the core support budget allows you more flexibility with the funds provided to you. These things are discussed when you become a participant of the NDIS.

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