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Candle Making at Ebenezer Mission

Ebenezer Mission offers a comprehensive Candle Making program that empowers people with disabilities to express their creativity and develop new skills through the art of candle making.


Our Candle Making Programs

  • Workshops and Classes

    • Hands-on classes covering basic to advanced candle-making techniques.
    • Learn about wax types, scents, colors, and molds.
  • Candle Products

    • Handmade candles available for purchase, including scented, decorative, and themed candles.
    • Custom orders for personalized candles.
  • Employment Opportunities

    • Job placements with external partners.
    • Inclusive work environment with support and accommodations.

Perks of our Program

  • Creative Expression: Explore your creativity and create beautiful, functional art.
  • Supportive Community: A nurturing environment that encourages artistic growth.
  • Skill Development: Learn new skills and techniques in candle making.

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