Denistone Disability Residence

9 Head Street Denistone East NSW

Burwood Art Centre

Shop 1/1-3 Elizabeth Street Burwood NSW

Mon - Sat: 9am - 6pm

Online shop always open

The development of our centre and activities are proudly sponsored by Burwood Council.

Burwood Arts Centre

Situated in the heart of Burwood, our centre stands as a hub of creativity and inclusiveness. The ground floor beckons with the inviting aroma of our café—a social space that goes beyond serving coffee, fostering connections among visitors. Right beside it, our store proudly showcases and sells a range of handcrafted products, each telling a unique story of skill and artistry from our participants with disabilities. From intricately designed pottery to exquisitely crafted candles, every item bears the mark of individual talent and purpose.

Venture to the upper floor, and you’ll discover a space resonating with harmony and self-expression. The music school fills the air with melodies, offering a haven for individuals, whether with or without disabilities, to explore the universal language of music. Concurrently, our arts classes provide a canvas for creative exploration, cultivating an environment where diverse talents can thrive. In this inspiring setting, barriers dissolve, and a vibrant community emerges, celebrating the richness that inclusion brings to every musical note played and each brushstroke applied. Welcome to our Burwood centre, where abilities shine, and creativity knows no boundaries.

How To Get To The Centre

Bus 418 (Kingsford-Burwood Route) - Get off at Burwood Station, Burwood Rd (Stand E) and walk for 4 minutes
Bus 464 (Ashfield-Mortlake Route) - Get off at Burwood Station, Burwood Rd (Stand E) and walk for 4 minutes

Our centre is only 5 minutes walk from the Burwood station.

If you prefer to get to us by driving, limited car spaces and street parkings available.

Rhodes Centre : 35 Llewellyn Street, Rhodes 2138 NSW

Burwood Centre : Shop 1/1-3 Elizabeth Street Burwood 2134 NSW

Trading Hours
9 AM - 6 PM

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