Ebenezer Mission

Ebenezer Coffee Cart

Our disability job training and employment program helps overcome barriers in employment for people with disabilities. A key placement program is our coffee cart which is active in the community. The coffee cart allows people with disability to interact with real customers, gain valuable customer experience and equip them with a deeper knowledge of employment and an increased confidence within the workplace. 

Woodstock Community Centre

Our coffee cart is situated at Woodstock community Centre. Ebenezer’s Barista John, who has mild Autism, began to build his barista skills with the help of Eben Mission and Normcore Coffee. Today, John is employed by Ebenezer at the Coffee Cart every Monday. 

 The Coffee Cart operates alongside the Mobile Playvan every Monday from 10:00am-12:00pm during the school term. 


Henley Park - Sensory Gardens

Ebenezer was proud to celebrate International Day of People with Disability with Burwood Council in their launching of their new community Playground, the Grant Park Inclusive Play Space. The coffee cart was organised by Burwood Council to provide coffee at the event to promote community and disability inclusivity. 




Enfield Aquatic Centre

Once again alongside Burwood Council, Ebenezer is eager to celebrate NSW Seniors festival. Ebenezer will be running the Coffee Cart at Enfield Aquatic Centre and providing free coffee for seniors funded by Burwood Council. 

We are operating from 7:00am-9:00am on weekdays and 8:00am-10:00am on weekends. 



Ebenezer has partnered with Burwood Council to make a lot of the events we attend to be possible. Through our relationship with Council we were able to attain an MOU and operate our programs alongside the Mobile Playvan and at various functions the council celebrates. 

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